About us

We are a studio 3D graphics. We create architectural and object visualizations. We have a large portfolio, many completed projects, and regular customers. We have a friendly team that can handle a large amount of work and operate in multi-task mode.

We can create beautiful architectural projects. What exactly are they for? They are necessary in order to understand whether you will like the house in the future. If You decide to build a house, You need to understand exactly what you need. For example, what style You want. Perhaps you need a Scandinavian, modern classic or some other style? If you want, we can help you figure it out and we’ll visualize what you choose. Here one customer wanted us to visualize his apartment and make an estimate of the furniture, and how it will look in the apartment. The customer was satisfied. Perhaps you need to visualize the facades of your home? And we will Help you with this! Here is an example of what it looks like.

We also work with subject modeling. If You need an online store, you will definitely need photos of Your products. But if you can’t take a picture, or if You can, but you don’t like what Your product looks like? Can you need to visualize it in 3D! In 3D, you can customize any lighting, any color of the product, any background. If You want to make your product more beautiful, juicier, then You are welcome to contact us! Here are examples of how it works.

Our Team

Anna Shvetsova

Lead Architect-Visualize

Oleg Vasil’ev


Ivan Vetrov

Designer interiors’

Alla Chestova


Why we?

We work honestly and never deceive our customers.

We do our best to ensure that the client is satisfied with the result.

We have extensive experience with 3D visualization and architecture.


We are a very versatile Studio, we can perform very different projects, from visualization of chess to visualization of an apartment.

We can offer you “delicious” prices.

We are trusted by large companies, as we can do almost any project.


We understand you without any problems and work without any questions.

We can work in multitasking mode.

We do everything on time, so that the customer does not have any problems.

We have:

Years of working with clients
Finished project
Percent of good reviews

Studio “Flamingo” looking for clients!

Our phone number – 123-456-78-90

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